Week 2- Leadership

After learning about leadership this week I learned that I have the qualities to be a good leader but in actuality I don’t like to lead. People have always told me I am a good leader and people look up to me and I usually just shrug it off because I don’t like it. I think it is because I don’t like the pressure of being a leader. I feel like others rely on you and I am scared to mess up. I know I need to put myself out there more because I can do it and I am good at it! I also learned this week that leadership and management go hand in hand. I had never really thought of that before but to lead people you also have to manage them. 

I liked the team project this week. I always get a little nervous with team projects because most of the time their are people that don’t pull their weight  I didn’t notice that this week, HALLELUJAH! I thought it was interesting how we went about the assignment this week. We had to agree on who we considered leaders out of a large group of people. We were wondering how it would be best to come to a consensus and Alexis and I decided to do it democratic style. Each person in our group put a star by who they thought was a leader. Whoever had 3+ stars (majority rule), would be considered a leader by our group. I just thought it was interesting that we used a democratic leadership when doing an assignment on leadership. I wouldn’t say my opinions changed because I was in agreement with most of the others in the group. 

I will take the information I learned and try to apply it in my job. Since I am a brand new nurse, I am VERY intimidated and don’t feel very qualified. I need to use my traits to my benefit and show my manager and co-workers that I can be a leader when I need to be.  I think once I have more experience on the floor, I will get more comfortable every shift. I also am going to not be afraid to question my leaders in the future. I sometimes have issues questioning authority because I don’t want the backlash. However, I know that if I have a question about how things are ran, it is in the best interest of my co-workers, the patients, and the hospital to speak up because others might have the same thoughts. 

I feel that the material covered this week was definitely beneficial and informative. I think it will help me in my nursing career because nurses are definitely leaders. I had never really thought of nurses as leaders until we did that assignment explaining why nurses were leaders in the 12 different subjects. It made me think outside the box and I learned there are a lot of qualities that go into leadership. It isn’t just control or guiding others. It is having values, mastering tasks, serving others, continually learning and portraying knowledge, making effective decisions, and being honest.  I learned more about myself and which areas I can improve on in leadership. 

Characteristics of Leaders

Leadership requires personal mastery – Nurses demonstrate leadership by showing proficiency in their skills and tasks. Nurses pass a test and are trained to perform with excellent care.

Leadership is about values – Nurses demonstrate leadership when they show they have morals in the workplace. Individuals look up to nurses and when they show they are good, grounded people, others will see that as an aspect of leadership.

Leadership is about service – Nurses demonstrate leadership in how they take care of others. Nurses serve others because they enjoy it, not because it is something they have to do.

Leadership is about people and relationships – Nurses demonstrate leadership when they form unique and personal relationships with their patients. When a patient trusts their nurse, they trust the care they are being given.

Leadership is contextual – Nurses demonstrate leaderships by learning the context of their duties and applying it day to day. Nurses also share the knowledge and skills they learn with other employees and patients.

Leadership is about the management of meaning – Nurses demonstrate leadership by managing a lot of duties in a professional and kind manner. Nurses respect their patients and manage their needs as effectively as possible.

Leadership is about balance – Nurses demonstrate leadership when they show their flexibility in their profession. Nurses have to deal with very happy things in their profession but also very sad things. They learn how to balance this out in their life.

Leadership is about continuous learning and improvement – Nurses demonstrate leadership by how they are always learning and improving their care. Nurses are always taking new research that is being done and using it in their care.

Leadership is about effective decision making – Nurses demonstrate leadership when they make prompt decisions. Sometimes nurses have to make decisions. Nurses base their decisions on how they can best care for their patient and be an advocate for them.

Leadership is a political process – Nurses demonstrate leadership by learning and gaining experience and excelling at their duties. Nurses don’t start out as the best nurse on the floor, they learn and work their way up.

Leadership is about modeling – Nurses demonstrate leadership by being an example to coworkers, patients, and future nurses. They influence others by their positive and caring attitude and unique skills.

Leadership is about integrity – Nurses demonstrate leadership by being honest with all those they take care of. Nurses treat their patients as if they are taking care of a close friend or family. They do not judge others for any reason.

Personality test!

I took the DISC personality test and I ended up having the most in the dominant column. I had five in dominant, four in steady, and three in both influential and conscientious. I don’t like to think of myself as dominant because sometimes it can have a negative connotation with it. Depending on how to look at it, can come across as bossy, intimidating, or high strung. I liked how the quiz talked about it as more of a direct, straightforward, and positive person. I know I have always been very determined in anything I set my mind too but I am also a very positive and happy person. I do not like conflict! I have always been very impatient so that was nothing new I learned! I realized you have to be very careful in this leadership style. It can be good because you are direct and have a clear idea of what is expected. However, it can lead to conflict because a dominant leader likes to get things done. I have noticed this in myself. Sometimes I would rather just do everything myself than rely on others to help because it takes too long or they don’t do things the way I would like. However, all this being said, I liked that all the other areas in the personality test were close. I think it is good to be balanced! My second highest score was in the steady category. These people are loyal, have good self control and are good listeners. I think combining these two personality styles would be very effective in leadership.  With this knowledge I will try hard to not be an aggressive leader or try to get everything done by myself. I will let others help get the job done and try to be more patient in all areas on my life. 




Let me introduce myself!

Hello! My name is Melissa Johnson and I am a UVU nursing student.  I am studying to get my Bachelor’s in nursing while working as a nurse in the Mother/Baby unit. This blog will be used as a reflective journal for one of my nursing classes. It will be a way to keep progress of my learning and also help me get my thoughts down and be able to look at them down the road. I am excited to start this next chapter of my journey in nursing!